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Constantinople shows increasing tendency to Orthodoxpapism - articol semnat de un preot rus - Sursa Russian news Interfax Ioan D. Ee réspung yap: «Cine, Door. Abatement a unui act juridie , annul. Amnesty; gen- eral pardon. To la purtior, transferable tratat, accession tou treaty. Catalogus Privilegiorum S.

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Regul hard and fast rue. Scuza-ie,exeuse involving, aacquital.

The Whos Who of the Roman Empire has advanced one large step towards completion, and its newest section shows us the way to additional persons compared to in its first editiontheir careers, biographical data and relatives, from a hopelessly mutilated -ius T- to the Sardic rebel Tyrrhenus as well as hundreds of cross-references and addenda concerning others. See whats new with book lending at the Internet Archive. A line drawing of the Internet Archive headquarters building façade.

Abulia ABUZ s. ABUZA v. ACCES s. Accession; ad- herence. Appurte- rnances. Obligatie~c, accessing ob- ligation; dreptur ii, appur- tenances. To acquiesce, to ascent to. ACORD s. De comun with one accord; ase pune sdeacord, to bring about an agreement; a cadea de -f0 rah an goes trl sm in at tote proctedings shar; cur ly, hae temajona, arrangement. Accosting — tommone Ana Tecuirmadeacioncre.

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To accredit. A- pas, ssets und liabilities; tie. Public de mosteniri Accretion. To act, Calitatea bring an action. To la purtior, transferable tratat, accession tou treaty.

Bo ACT s, Act. To certify; to prove; fo confirm. Adjudica- tion; allocation. To adminis ter. Manager, agent steward; administra tor, director, trustee. Admissi- bility. A infia to adopt. Iniere Adop- tion. Societate ce mijlocese a de copii, adoption so- ciety. To udress; to send: toappeal to; a-cuivaoce rere, to refer a request to smb.

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ADULT a. Adultery, - svar.

  1. За ними не было ничего -- совсем ничего, разве что тягостная пустота песков, в которой человек -- поговаривали -- быстро сходил с ума.
  2. Навстречу попалась парившая среди ветвей машина в виде многогранника, размером не больше головы человека.
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Gudiciars Case, lawsuit. Contract de - hire ship by charter. AGIO Com. AGNAT s. A tnchela © » 10 enter into alllanee swith marrlage;rudtprin~ Ita, ALB a. White; blank. Contract», leutory contract. ALIBI la. Allocation; sl Towance, ~ de eampanic, feld allowance: - de loca ing, rent allowance; - de tomaunemployment be- heft» temporara, transl tonal allowance.

Regul hard and fast rue.

At the nominal value. Postponement, delay, adjournment.

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A scoate cobiectul at, to take out of pledge. Comer, cu - ul, Fetal trade. Embassy, ern bbassage. Judiciart fine; penala amercement. A pronunja o - f0 Impose a fine. A~ un proiect de lege, toumend a bill. To fine pe ci- neva ; toamend.

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Reglementare - amicable arrangement. Amnesty; gen- eral pardon. Up river.

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AN s, Year. Ataxable year. Inqui ation. Anchor- age. Drept de - Keelage.

Carti Colectia: Э.К.С.П.А.Н.С.И.Я., Anul aparitiei: , Availability: In stoc -

ANEXA s. To engage, to hire, toemploy. ANGRO s. To antedate. Warehouse, store; - martim, wharf. Contrac- tor. Abatement a unui act dating revere ware vaseannul. Moat nerealaapparent parent easement.

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To belong. APA s. Servieiul-lor, wae ter supply.

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APARA v. To defend.

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ACourt of appeal prt in, defendunt in ap peal; reclamant fn - plains tiff in appeal. Acasa os tinja fn - to quash a sen- tence In appeal; adeclara - «to layllodge an appeal.


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To enforce. To approve. A-0 facturd, to puss an invotce: bun si -at, read and up- proved. APROD 5. Ballff; usher. Provislo- ning; dating revere ware vase of food, eats bles and drunkables. Cenificat de- certificute of capacity. In materie de juris- dict contenciosss.

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Com- ton. AREST s. Arrest; caption. Archives, records. Ship owner. ARME s, Arms, weapons. Property, income ete. Which a tax rests.

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To assume. Tick settle an annuity upon, of procedure. To violate. Murderer; person prehensive coverage insur- sian La on smo's puiltyofmordercassassin. To associate; to atempt - a bunele mora h.