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Dă-i unei fete încălțămintea corectă și ea poate cuceri lumea. Femeia de Cancer este incredibil de loială și, odată anexată, este greu să renunțe. El se dezvoltă asupra interacțiunii umane și, de multe ori, urmărește după lumina reflectoarelor. Știi, uneori, o să vreau să mă îmbrac și să port tul, marți, și uneori vreau să fiu ca Kim Kardashian și să port pieptul negru din cap. De fetiță, de exemplu am urât rozul și nu mi-a plăcut să port rochii.

Gerald David — Virgin and Child with Four Angels Dear ladies and gentlemen, Welcome to the last episode of the Manifestation Trilogy, a mesmerizing spiritual masterpiece dedicated to Success and Prosperity, just in time for the second eclipse of January in the sign of Leo, which marks the grand finale of dating erin heatherton challenging eclipse season dating back to It would be wonderful for all of us to perform a self-awareness exercise and quietly think back of the recurrent theme for the past two years, perhaps of a personal or professional domain which needed special attention, improvement and growth, which has been coming into light especially during planetary events such as full moons and eclipses.

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Taking into consideration the subject I chose to dedicate my Time, Attention and Energy through this blog post, while wrapping up the Manifestation Trilogy, my reccuring theme was Success and the large spectrum of emotions governed by its achievement, one of them being the fear of success.

It was revealed to me through the Spiritual Laws book written by Kurt Tepperwein that I might have overreacted and erroneously assumed so based on the examples around me because life is ultimately a dance, just a game we effortlessly play during our mission on Earth, if we respect and live by the Laws of the Universe, an initiative which I resonate with profoundly.

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I have been experimenting with life by exploring its endless possibilities and therefore deepening my wisdom and understanding through the Power of Choice and the Law of Action and Reaction.