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Shop around for a vintage one in very good condition with original everything or as much as possible. I dont like the Super much, dont know why..

What setting was your amp? Michael CraigAcum 2 ani Vibro sounds better than Super.

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Everything after that was modified by Cesar Diaz. They also ran huge EV speakers in all of them. In the beginning, he used two Super Reverbs and two Vibroverbs.

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Either amp with your Twin will get you there. Dating silverface deluxe reverb to Matt here with a Strat and a SR, rofaqs.

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He has both a reissue SR and a vintage one. They sound almost identical. The biggest problem with printed circuit boards is they don't hold up to heat and vibration as well as point-to-point amps.

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They sound okay but are not as dependable and usually time consuming and costly to fix. I would try a reissue Vibroverb before you buy one, if you can locate one. I use the Fulltone OCD instead.

Amplificatoare, boxe, difuzoare

I think Matt is using a Klon clone in most of his videos. Michael CraigAcum 2 ani millstap OK still trying to find out.

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I got a Twin, but maybe I might want another amp for slight variety, or put the 2 together. Why should I only have one amp?

Amplificator Fender 68 Custom Deluxe Reverb

OK so can you definitively answer about what I am trying to find out? Well, also, do the PCB's give a shitty sound or not? I saw him with two Twins and it was one of the loudest concerts I had ever been to. Supers are just big, bulky workhorses.

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The Vibroverb and the SR are the exact same circuit except the Vibroverb does not have a "Middle" tone control. The Twin is about all you need.

Prima chitară bas şi povestea din spatele ei.

Why get another amp? I know the Twins can be somewhat bright and brittle sounding, and super loud before they break up at all.

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The Twin and the Vibroverb would probably sound great together. All of the reissue amps will have some PCB's in them.