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Now the first shipments are finally on their way to the US from the Italian manufacturer and will soon be available for sale.

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The whole project for a new adventure case kicked off when GIVI decided that they wanted something a little more affordable, alaska dating show, and easy to repair when in need. The Alaska cases are exactly that: well balanced, less rivets, less moving parts, a streamlined design and some very cool features, like the fully-serviceable and replaceable mounting blocks at the bottom, where the case sits on the two prongs located on the rack.

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With the Trekker Alaska cases, GIVI now offers a new set of rugged panniers that sits in the slot right under the top of the line Trekker Outback series, with a lower price to match. Standard Monokey is a more prevalent rack system, available for a huge number of makes and models, sometimes dating back to the early 90s!

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The Trekker Alaska panniers are sold in pairs and they come with matching keys, plus an extra lockset for an existing or future top case. Read on for more details on some of the unique features available on the new Trekker Alaska cases.

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The handle operates a steel cable that is hidden and protected inside the case frame. No more twisting or turning the lids, or removing the lids to get access to the contents of your side cases.

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Easier to Carry The new Alaska cases are designed with better balancing in mind. GIVI milton dating to create a box that would be easy to carry, without hitting your legs or forcing your wrist into an awkward position.

They achieved this by changing the weight distribution and by adding an integrated handle in the molded frame.

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