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The ocular can be adjusted for individual eyesight. These disks in three grades for slight, medium, or strong diffusion are made by polishing a pattern of crossed parallel lines in one face of flat optical glass. Cele de mai sus se aplica si in cazul omisiunilor.

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I read the first book mething match dating I was thirteen and barely knew anything about Greek mythology. I had just moved to Greece from Romania and I was struggling to learn the language and adapt in this new country.

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Everything was pretty tough, but suddenly, there was this book full of romance and fantasy and adventure that made me feel infinitely better. It gave me a new perspective, it made me love books even more and it helped me through a rough time.

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For that, this series will forever have a special place in my heart. I reread the book at least three times. I waited for the sequel. And then I proofread the final book and even though I was incredibly honored to be able to go on a journey towards the end of the series along with the author, there was this sadness that followed me until the end of the book.

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One of my favorite series was coming to an end and that is always a tragic moment for me. I was so in love with this series, with Isis, David, Eros and dating cubs character, that the thought of not reading any more of their adventures was sometimes too much. But enough of that. Nely Cab definitely put her heart and soul into this book, and the result is a story that not only captivates you, but it fascinates you and it makes you forget about the real world around you.

Nely took it to another level with this book.

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And the result is amazing. There is an obvious development in Nely writing skills.

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The text flows effortlessly. Sometimes it feels like her words literally run through your veins.

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The voices she uses are way more real, and the character development is a strong point of this book. Isis is trying to save everyone, David is trying to save Isis, Eros would do anything to have Isis, Galilea is protecting Isis in her own, unique way.

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Brave as they are, they always fight for the ones they love. Throughout the book, secrets are revealed, alliances are cursa dating okcupid made, fights are being fought and love is present everywhere, even in the hardest situations. This series has thought me that true love can in fact be lethal, but it will always survive and win.

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Facing your demons is essential to your survival, but also caring for the ones close to you. There are so many plot twists and things that absolutely blew my mind in this book that sometimes, it was hard to keep up with them.

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Whenever I was thinking that this is it, the situation will calm down now, Nely surprised me with a new bomb. The fact that I could never guess what would happen next is definitely something that made me love the book even more.

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The plot is very well thought and the dynamic of the action is just right. Not too slow, not too rushed. Just right. The suspense builds up towards the end and you can feel their sorrow, all the despair and the hope of the characters as they fight for their lives.

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One specific plot twist left me shocked and heartbroken. It answers all your questions and mething match dating some more. Even though I will forever miss this series, I am excited for everyone to read this third book. Rate: 5 stars out of 5 Distribuie dacă ți-a plăcut:.