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Read more. The professional business sector — and more specifically the banking business — is one of the many areas which require multilingual and multicultural communication, hence the inevitable presence of translators and interpreters as experts during the business activities. Floriana Popescu, Ph. From daily meetings to more organized occasions, from draft papers to legal documents, translation and interpreting are required to a great extent for the sake of accurate and misunderstanding-free communication as well as for the smooth exchange of information and ideas. Elena Croitoru, Ph. Diana Ioniţă, Ph.

Apasă pentru a vedea definiția originală «corpus juris» în dicționarul Engleză dictionary.

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Apasă pentru a vedea traducerea automată a definiției în Română. Acesta a fost inițial folosit de romani pentru mai multe dintre colecțiile lor de toate legile într-un anumit domeniu; consultați Corpus Juris Civilis. Termenul este utilizat în mod obișnuit pentru a se referi la întregul corp al legii unei țări, jurisdicție sau instanță, cum ar fi "corpusul juridic al Curții Supreme a Statelor Unite".

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Euroscepții au atacat planurile pe care le consideră a fi o amenințare la adresa tradițiilor de drept penal ale fiecărui stat membru, cum ar fi procesele de juriu ale juriilor independente, habeas dating letters crossword și interzicerea dublei pericole.

The legal term Corpus Juris means "body of law".

This second project had two specific demands. It first intended to provide an academic framework for productive discussion involving professional and would-be translators, teachers and MA or PhD students interested in disseminating the results of their research. Secondly, the project was developed in order to show how research in these fields was prepared to meet the challenges of the globalizing imperatives at the beginning of the twenty-first century, and how the local background has managed to adapt to these challenges.

It was originally used by the Romans for several of their collections of all the laws in a certain field; see Corpus Juris Civilis. Later the term was used for comprehensive collections of laws in the US, as in Corpus Juris Secundum.

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The term is commonly used to refer to the entire body of law of a country, jurisdiction, or court, such as "the corpus juris of the Supreme Court of the United States. Eurosceptics have attacked the plans which they see as a threat to the criminal law traditions of individual member states, such as jury trials by independent juries, habeas corpus, and prohibitions against double jeopardy.

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Citește mai multe Definiția corpus juris în dicționarul Engleză Definirea corpului juris în dicționar este un corp de lege, esp legile unei națiuni sau ale unui stat. The definition of corpus juris in the dictionary is a body of law, esp the laws of a nation or state.