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In this way, students benefit from continuity of studies and, at the same time, they have access to other educational perspective and to a new academic, cultural, social and linguistic environment. The Learning Agreement describes the abroad study programme and is completed by the individual student together with the two academic institutions involved, before the student arrives at the host institution. When ppl hear ya name they get incredibly attracted by ya!

The procedure for 1st year students registration is the following: - Students registration after passing admission examination is based on the matriculation decision issued by the Rector. Tuition fee-paying students will be registered after the payment of tuition fee and after signing the study agreement. The student will pay a tuition fee to attend a second specialty.

Each student is enrolled in matriculation register under a unique number, which is valid for the entire duration of undergraduate studies. Students who pay tuition fees to attend a second faculty must provide a copy of the Baccalaureate diploma authenticated by the public notary and a document that proves the fact that the student has the original Baccalaureate diploma in other university where the student benefit from a budgeted place.

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The personal record of international students consists of: - the original Baccalaureate diploma and its translation in an international language, authenticated tomboy dating quiz validated by k 40 dating issuing countrys embassy in Romania. The registration of international students takes place within maximum 15 days from the beginning of the academic year.

In the moment of students enrolment at a faculty, the Deans Office issues a "Student Report card" for each student. The student report card will contain all the marks obtained by the student at examinations or other assessment forms. It will also include the marks for the failed exams.

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The examiner has the responsibility for filling in the marks and signing them. In dating on-line oldenburg following cases - transfer, studies interruption or expulsion, the Deans Office withdraws the student report card and the travel pass, where applicable.

Enrolment in the second year and in the following years as well as the signing of the Study Contract implies filling in an application form, within the first 15 days from the beginning of academic year. Enrolment is based upon academic results from the previous year and entails the achievement of the minimum number of credits 45 credits minimum required to complete the requirement for a year of study.

Students in the supplementary year will be enrolled in the academic study year that they must repeat after paying all the financial dues for the supplementary year.

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The European Union encourages study periods at partner universities and the Bologna and Berlin Declarations stipulate the need to eliminate obstacles in the way of academic mobility. Student mobility within Socrates-Erasmus programmes offers students the possibility to study at another European university for a semester or a whole academic year.

Then, they go back to home university, complete their studies and obtain a graduation diploma there. In this way, students benefit from continuity of studies and, at the same time, they have access to other educational perspective and to a new academic, cultural, social and linguistic environment.

The main purpose of tomboy dating quiz this system was to support student mobility inenhancing their formation, in gathering the experience of other European universities in order to obtain full academic recognition for the period they have spent away from home university. Full academic recognition means that the study period abroad replaces a similar period of study at home university without lengthening the tomboy dating quiz of initial studies. ECTS credits ECTS credits represents values allocated to course units and practical activities in order to describe students workload required to complete them.

They reflect the quantity of work each course requires in relation to the total quantity of work necessary to complete a full academic year of study at the university, which includes: courses, seminars, practical work and individual work in the laboratory, in the library or at home, examinations and other assessment activities.

In the ECTS system, 60 credits represent one year of study in terms of workload ; on average, 30 credits are allocated for each semester.

The ECTS credits are also allocated to practical training and to graduate thesis preparation when these activities are part of the regular curriculum at both home and host institutions. ECTS credits tomboy dating quiz anne hathaway dating istoric to each course and are awarded only to the students who had completed successfully the courses by passing the examinations or other types of assessment.

For the acknowledgment of the Socrates-Erasmus mobility, the student must earn minimum 25 ECTS credits for a period of months and minimum 50 ECTS credits for a period of 9 months spent in the host institution abroad. The credits obtained abroad must be obtained for disciplines that the student would have to study at UMF Iuliu Haieganu Cluj-Napoca during the academic year that he is enrolled in when he takes the mobility.

It is allowed to acknowledge no more than two exams from higher years maximum 15 credits in advance.

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There are various grading systems in Europe. This procedure also offers other information regarding the activity tomboy dating quiz the student, but it does not replace the mark that the student will get at the home university.

How does it works? It also provides general dating în palmdale ca about the institution, its location, student accommodation, administrative procedures necessary for registration and the academic calendar.

The Package is updated annually. The Learning Agreement describes the abroad study programme and is completed by the individual student together with the two academic institutions involved, before the student arrives at the host institution.

The Transcript of Records details the students academic achievements prior to and after the period of study abroad. The combination of local marks and ECTS credits represents quantitatively and qualitatively the students performance at the host institution.

These tools are then used by the institutional and departmental coordinators appointed by each institution to deal with the administrative and academic aspects of ECTS.

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The grade obtained by the student for a certain discipline, written in the transcript of records, is given by the Faculty academic coordinator for ECTS, considering the grade obtained by the student in the host institution, according to the ECTS grading scale. The use of ECTS ensures the transparency of curricula and students academic achievements, which leads to academic recognition throughout Europe. How can ECTS students obtain mobility? They should contact their home departmental coordinator and they must study the Information Package of other institutions in order to choose the best destination and plan their programme of study abroad.

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How is academic recognition ensured? An ECTS study programme must be approved by both home and host institutions before the student leaves for the study period abroad.

If the programme of study described in the Learning Agreement is completed satisfactorily by the 19 student, it is fully recognized by the home university. This means that the volume of study, measured in terms of numbers of achieved ECTS credits, will be the equivalent tomboy dating quiz the same volume of tomboy dating quiz which would otherwise have been undertaken at the home university.

How are ECTS credits transferred?

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Institutions prepare and transfer transcripts of records for all students who benefit from ECTS mobilities. A copy of the transcript is given to the student and checked by both home and host universities, before and after the period of study abroad. Are further studies abroad for ECTS students possible? A student who had benefited from ECTS mobility may choose to remain at the host university to get a degree there or to move to a third institution.

This is possible only if both institutions involved agree and that the student accepts the conditions to be fulfilled in order to get a diploma or transfer registration. By providing a history of the students academic achievements, the transcript of records is the document which helps partner institutions make decisions regarding the continuation of studies abroad, thus further opening up Europe to academic mobility in general.

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Student evaluation criteria and ECTS grading scale Courses and study modules are evaluated through oral and written examinations, practical assignments, demonstrations and other applicable methods.

Students receive information on the evaluation criteria at the beginning of the study module.

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Dan L. Foreign language learning opportunities All students from our University have the possibility to learn a European language. The purpose of these courses is to provide our students with practical skills reading, writing, listening and speaking. All the facilities at the Department of Modern Languages are available to all the students and academic staff of our University. These scholarships are granted to students with outstanding achievements and, under certain circumstances, to students with a special social situation.

During the mobility period, students keep their right to scholarship, given in the national scholarship system.

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Students who have benefited from mobility, but could not earn the maximum number of credits to validate the year, are eligible for the scholarship criteria, and for accommodation in the university campus, according to Senate Councils decision from Meals and Accommodation Our University owns a campus which includes 9 hostels where approximately students are accommodated.

Students can be accommodated either in University hostels, or they can prefer rented accommodation.

  • The procedure for 1st year students registration is the following: - Students registration after passing admission examination is based on the matriculation decision issued by the Rector.
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The University Restaurant, situated in the close proximity of the university campus, on no. There are also many restaurants and caferetias in the city centre and close to the university premises. For students who do not live in hostels, the supermarkets and restaurants located in every district offer convenient food supply as prices are lower than in most European countries.

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The cost of food could range between EUR a month. Health Student Health Centre is located in the centre of the city, close to the administrative building of the University, offering a wide range of free-ofcharge medical services to the students.

Sports The University Sports Club, founded inhas a sports area and a gym where students can practice sports such as basketball, volleyball, aerobics, tennis, etc. One academic year consists of two semesters. In Faculty of dentistry, the structure of studies is Conventional continuous studies, with 2 examination sessions, one at the end of each semester winter and summer examinations The studies include theoretical courses, practical training, seminars and practical assignments, optional courses, complementary courses and the graduate degree examination.

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The study programmes are harmonised with the European regulations regarding mutual recognition of diplomas in the European Union, while the syllabuses are permanently updated and modernised. Dental higher education is provided in a linear system over 6 years 12 terms.

Courses tomboy dating quiz grouped into the following categories: meciul kismat, elective and optional. Mandatory courses provide students with the fundamental concepts required by their future profession, while elective and optional courses facilitate the deeper understanding of specific knowledge in the field and personalised professional development, according to the students skills and needs.

In the case of the programme studies taught in French and English, beginning with the fourth year of study, the teaching activity is in Romanian. Language studies are very important for Romanian students because achieving a good level of proficiency in a foreign language is essential for students professional development, due to the increased mobility of EU citizens and non EU citizens. International students are required to study Romanian as a foreign language because starting with the fourth year of studies theoretical and practical training in clinics is conducted in Romanian.

Optional courses 23 Each year of study has a package of optional courses. Students may choose one tomboy dating quiz the optional courses offered; the chosen course then becomes compulsory. Complementary courses For each year of study there are several complementary courses beside the compulsory ones. Their role is to help students enhance the knowledge they acquired during the compulsory study programme. Choosing such courses, attending them and taking examinations in these subjects are not compulsory.

No credits are allotted to complementary courses The final examination The final examination at the Iuliu Haieganu University of Medicine and Pharmacy is the graduate degree examination. For undergraduate studies, it includes: - Written test - The tomboy dating quiz of graduation thesis: The minimum average required to pass the graduate degree examination is 6 six. Graduate degree tomboy datând o femeie retardată quiz sessions: autumn September and winter January-February.

Undergraduates knowledge is tested through examinations. Students are assessed with marks from 1 to The minimum mark to pass an exam is 5 and the highest mark is The final forms of testing are theoretical written examinations as well as practical examinations.

In case students knowledge cannot be tested through practical examinations due to the specific tomboy dating quiz of a particular subject matter, an oral final evaluation will be organized. The examination can be passed only if students obtain a pass mark minimum 5 aplicația de întâlnire georgiană both the written and the practical examination.

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If the students are present to only one form of examinations, their final mark will be 4. On reexamination, these students would only take the examination which they had failed. Students are allowed to participate to an examination only if they tomboy dating quiz listed in the official students record issued by the Deans Office.

This official record certifies the students status, including the fulfillment of their financial dues. At the beginning of each academic year, the departments need to display the requirements for completing the study.